Briana C.
I found Ying because I wanted an acupuncturist with authentic experience and passion. Most places you will come across are founded based on schooling and a written test from the State of California Acupuncture Board which is fine, but the prices emphasize the marketability of an industry rather than the value of the kinds of Chinese medical treatments. Ying has acupuncture appointments for $50 a session which is very kind on her end being that she is now going on almost 30 years experience! Other places, even school clinics, will charge like $150 per acupuncture session. So if you go to Ying you can try to get more sessions in and see how the treatments work, because as we all know acupuncture takes multiple visits. I have gotten to know Ying from my five sessions in one month and she has been learning from acupuncturists and a master acupuncturist since 1994. Her knowledge is passed down and that is fundamental to the medicine. I went in because I was having serve cramping and low energy and I really could not sleep. I felt really anxious, and I knew the amount of overthinking I was doing was unusual, so I trusted my own medical research and decided to get in contact with another medical route, Chinese Medicine. I was very nervous of course because needles are intimidating and her body of knowledge is intimidating as well, I kinda want to learn more about the medicine now from going a few times. Each session felt unique like my body was experiencing new feelings each time. My sleep and attitude has definitely softened and I do reach a full deep sleep now. My period was another symptom that told me that something wasn't physically right. I was having some extreme cramps and large blood clotting for a few years. By my next period the blood clots were gone! (Full disclosure I also did a home remedy of steaming my yoni before and after my period ONLY which also helped. Highly recommend.) I decided to deepen my experience with the medicine and try the herbs, which she hand brews, and packages! She is so cool for running her business alone, and I definitely aspire to be as talented and multifaceted as she is. I am currently starting to take my herbal formula so I will update my review then.
Aunnalise W.
So grateful that after calling about 10 Acupuncturists from my insurance website, she called me back. Linda is so sweet and gentle. Her energy in her house is very light and that's important. She also seems very flexible--I was hoping for same day appt and she got me in. This was my first acupuncture session and WOW!!! Once she placed the needles I felt my body signaling and doing something. I can't explain it but I could definitely feel it! Most of the pain started to immediately alleviate! I walked in barely able to walk, bent over, with agony and after 30 minutes I felt relieved. This was relief that Advil, Tramadol, Norco, Celebrex or Lyrica could not produce! My constant pain level went from an 8 to a 4! I have a feeling she will heal my herniated disk so I will be a frequent returning client. I definitely recommend :)
Thomas L.
Best acupuncturist around. Lives on site. Chinese lady who also speaks Korean fluently. Very recommended
Star J.
She is a magician! Lol I sprained my ankle and went to different acupuntual place near my work but still suffered for like 2 weeks, but she fixes it in 30 mins! She is a Chinese but also speaks fluent English and Korean. She lives upstairs which makes the clinic schedule very flexible. If you got hurt on one of those holidays when all of hospitals are closed for like 10days straight, this is your emergency room that you can go to for like $40! Lol